Effingham/Fayette County Lawn Care Application Company

Our Lawn Program

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Thanks for your interest in our lawn program!

Our philosophy is simple: Better products applied to your lawn = A better lawn.

See the steps to our program below. Click each item for more info. 

+ Getting Your Existing Lawn Up to Speed

Before we start our program, we work with you to address any underlying issues with your lawn. This sets the stage for our program to produce the results you are looking for.

+ Step 1: Prevent Crabgrass/Season Long Fertilize

Our first step is applied mid February-April. Our fertilizer is specially blended to be applied at the beginning of the season, and is coated with the best crabgrass preventer on the market. The fertilizer releases evenly throughout the year providing season long, dark green color, combined with industry leading crabgrass control. We have tested this over multiple seasons and trust this product on all of our lawns. This application combines multiple treatments therefore it costs more than the others. However, it eliminates the need for a fall application keeping this a great value. (often similar pricing with much better results!) If you have questions make sure to ask!

+ Step 2: Control Dandelions/Clover/Other Broadleaves

This step takes care of the major offenders - clover and dandelion, along with most other broadleaf weeds. By treating these weeds in the spring and fall on our program, you will never again have the dreaded yellow flowers or puff ball weeds! Also, mowing is made much easier since you are mowing grass and not the nasty thick clover!

+ Step 3: Grub/Flea/Tick Insect Control+ Detail Spray

Competitor Lawn Programs normally include a grub treatment. We raise the bar by not only controlling the grubs, but other surface feeding insects including fleas, ticks, and other insect pests from June through the last of August. This treatment provides a complete lawn barrier and is safe for pets and children. We also take care of any issues arising with the summer heat. Nutsedge, pop up weeds, etc.

+ Step 4: Prevent and Control Broadleaves

Broadleaf weeds are very persistent. Their seeds are always moving in via the wind, animals, birds, etc. While the spring treatment takes care of more visible weeds, this treatment takes care of the newly germinated weed seeds and kills not just the top growth, but down to the root. As stated before, you can expect amazing weed contol results with this program.


Compaction is often the most limiting factor that is holding your lawn back. Aeration is a way to essentialy till the soil without disturbing your lawn. We use two different methods: Core aeration and aeravation, that allow us to handle any soil condition. Wet/dry/clay/high traffic areas? We can take care of it. We can also apply gypsum or seed at the time of aeration if the lawn is in need.