Effingham/Fayette County Lawn Care Application Company


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Questions? Below are a list of some of the questions customers ask us.

Have a question not listed? Let me know!

+ What does your program cost?

For pricing, we need your yard area to quote you a price. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and hit get started for a estimate! We work hard to be the best value to dollar spent in the area.

+ How do I pay?

All customers are strongly encouraged to have a credit/debit card on file, which is charged after the service is performed. We have invested heavily in making sure your information is safe. (We use Blue Pay , an accredited company to process our transactions). Below are some of the many reasons we are doing this:

  1. It's convenient for you. No, more sitting down, writing a check and putting a $.50 stamp on it and mailing it off.
    1. It's safe. Your info is entered in and never seen by me again as it is encrypted within the processing company.
    2. Chances are you are doing this already with other services and subscriptions. Why not your lawn service?
    3. It keeps prices low. On my end, cash flow is expedited and accounts recievable is drastically reduced.
    4. Don't like Credit Cards? We take Debit!
    5. Like Credit Cards? Rack up your rewards, miles, or cash while paying for your program.

+ How do I get paid to refer someone?

When you fill out the referral form on our website, I will contact your friend (if they don't contact me first), determine their needs, provide and estimate. If they go with it you will get a kick back of $50 off your next bill!

+ How many applications do you make?

Typically we are on your property 4 times with our 1st application containing two steps. This is comparable to 6 steps with competitors. Our philosophy is to use high quality products and make our profits by being efficient with each time out on your property. Sometimes people are trained to see what other companies have done in the past, but our main goal is to make sure our customers get results, not gimmicks.

+ What about hard to control weeds or other problems?

Our applications are guaranteed to do what they are set out to accomplish. If we see a small issue while we are out treating your lawn, most of the time we will go ahead and take care of it. If it is an outbreak or large spread issue like a disease, nutsedge, or insect damage, we will quote you a fair price for the applications to take care of the problem.

+ Will my lawn stay green through the summer with your program?

Is it irrigated? Yes It will. It's not? Maybe... If we have a mild summer with timely rains, it will stay looking pretty good. If gets and stays dry, the lawn will go into dormancy. If the lawn stays in a drought condition for over two months, some of the older, weaker grasses may die out and not recover. This is the hard truth with living in our variable Illinois climate. TIP: Don't want to irrigate full time yet don't want your lawn to die in a drought? Give your lawn a good soaking with a sprinkler (one inch per month) this won't be enought to help the looks of the lawn, but will keep the plants alive to recover in the fall.

+ My lawn is irrigated. Will your program take care of everything?

In most instances, yes. With the right turf species (Turf Type Fescue and Bluegrass) your lawn may get hit with a disease outbreak but will recover. That is the beauty of our fertilizer, as it is already put down and releases with moisture. Many times after a disease outbreak, the lawn will recover with a couple mowings. Proper irrigation also goes a long way towards the health of your turf. Aim for one inch in one or two applications per week during dry conditions only. In lawns where the absolute highest visual quality is desired for the whole season, sequential fungicide applications may be necessary. We can do this for you.

+ I have a large property. Do you have basic program?

Yes we do! We have the know-how to help you get the best bang for your buck. If you have a large residential or commercial property, contact us and set up an appointment to tailor make a plan for you.

+ Do you have sales or promotions through the year?

Our industry is competitive with tight margins. We do not do "sales", as it just doesn't work that well. We do offer $50 off your first application. Also, we offer rewards for referrals, and also we are going to hold regular drawings when you participate on social media and give us a review. We have some fun things planned for this year. Stay Tuned!

+ Do I have to sign a contract? What if I want to cancel?

At the start of our program we will send you an estimate. This estimate has the terms on it and you must sign it to show that you understand what you are getting and to get our program started. This is not a contract, but it auto starts the applications on your lawn and will continue until you say different. You can cancel any time. Every winter we call or email you to review your program and discuss any needs or issues.

+ Will you tell me when you come to make an application?

We are working on text and email notifications the day before we come. However, our schedule changes constantly due to weather conditions, wind, rain, etc. so we need our customers to be flexible with our application times. Call aheads increase what we have to charge our customers due to efficiency factors. We do however make our applications between 7am and 4pm Monday through Friday, which works well for most customers. We also leave an application flag stating what we did during that application.

+ Is your program pet safe?

Our program uses chemicals in steps 2-4. According to the label, these chemicals need to dry before pets and people are allowed on them. This process generally takes an hour or so. Once the chemical is dry it is absorbed into the plant and not absorbed by contact.

+ What other services do you offer?

As a company we are focusing on growing our lawn care application and seeding operations. However we are working towards the future where we will be offering landscape maitenance and tree care services. We are not openly advertising these services yet, but if you have a need in one of these areas, feel free to ask us if we can be of help.